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Published September 13th - 19th, 2005,
Marin Scope Community Newspapers and written by Tom Luther
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Tom Luther Article

A new product for wine collectors

Have you ever seen a product and thought, Now why didn't I think of that? It seems so simple you'd think it had already been done. Well here's one of those products. It's called ASAP Wine Tags. It's the perfect partner for wine racks. Actually, for the bottles in the wine rack. These wine tags are placed on the neck of the bottle to make your search for that particular bottle easy to find. They're designed to hang vertically on the neck of the bottle when lying in a wine rack. The label is reproduced onto the wine tag so you can easily identify the wine.

Of course, it helps if the bottle is lying on its side in a wine rack. So this assumes your wine collection is in a wine rack and not still its boxes, like my wine collection. You see, I started a collection of large format bottles – magnums and three liters – for my son for his college graduation. This is a challenge for traditional wine racks. This is the perfect organizing aid for any size wine collection and they are very reasonably priced.

The top of the wine tag includes the Web site and phone number of the winery's actual label. The backside is for recording the facts and has pre-printed lines prompting the customer to fill in the date, the price, the quantity purchased and a hold date. The tag is made of 120-lb. card stock and is varnished on the front for added strength and durability. After orders are delivered, ASAP Wine Tags provides (at no additional costs) listing in upcoming wine-promotion announcements and listing of winery tags and wines plus a link from their Web site to the winery Web site. For more info call 888-669-2727 or visit Web site

Another article, published by Vineyard & Winery Management
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 Label Design: Survey Results
By Elizabeth Slater

Does your label say to the buyer,
"Choose me, I'm special?"

Your label is the face of your wine (except for the nose of course). It tells people a lot about the wine consciously and subconsciously. The look of the label burrows into people's emotions and makes them want to buy your wine or not want to buy your wine-even when they don't know why. When consumers don't know anything about the wine or winery it is the packaging that attracts them to the bottle and subsequently to your wine.

What the Wine Store Had to Say

Question One: What are the three most important messages a wine label should present?

The wineries agreed that the winery name and varietal were key points that should be on the label. In addition, it was thought important that the label should reflect the image of the winery, the owners and the brand, as well as the value and quality of the wine.

What the Wine Store Had to Say

Question Four: What are the three most important things about a label?

Mick and Gray felt that the label should clearly and easily identify the winery, the grape varietals and provide a description of the wine and information about its uses (good food, wine, etc.), and it should enhance the winery's image.

entire article (pdf)

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